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About Alpha Pi Sigma

On March 10, 1990, Alpha Pi Sigma was founded by a collective of Latina women representing diverse backgrounds. Recognizing the necessity to foster unity and support among primarily Latina women at San Diego State University, our mission has been steadfastly devoted to the academic, personal, and professional enrichment of our members.

Since its inception, Alpha Pi Sigma has transcended its Latina origins to become a welcoming multicultural organization within its institutions and the broader community.

Alpha Pi Sigma champions academic, personal, and professional advancement, reflecting a commitment to excellence. Each member within the organization demonstrates the traits of a scholar, leader, and contributor, embodying a lifelong affiliation with an infinite sisterhood that holds its values close to our hearts. Through this dedication, Alpha Pi Sigma's members not only contribute to their communities but also find solace and strength in supporting one another on their individual paths of growth and achievement.

Founding Members

Adriana Bonilla 

Audelia Cañez 

Martha Espinoza 

Ana Maria Garcia 

Laura Gonzalez 

Marisa Gonzalez 

Patricia Gonzalez 

Ruth Gonzalez 

Leticia Loya 

Christina Lucero 

Eunice Munro 

Jacqueline Pedregal 

Marisela Rodarte


National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations, Inc.

Alpha Pi Sigma Sorority, Incorporated. proudly holds membership in The National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations, Inc. (NALFO), a cohesive alliance established in 1998, with the purpose of cultivating positive interfraternal relations, fostering communication, and advancing the development of all Latino-based fraternal organizations. This union is forged on principles of mutual respect, unwavering leadership, transparency, professionalism, and an educational ethos.

At present, NALFO unites 16 fraternities and sororities, all driven by a collective dedication to fraternal unity, family values, and the empowerment of Latino and under-served communities. NALFO functions as a beacon, uniting and empowering its member organizations through impactful advocacy, organizational growth, and by promoting harmonious inter-fraternal relationships. Through this collaboration, we aim to address issues impacting the Latino Greek community and achieve a common goal of positive transformation.

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