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Alpha Pi Sigma Sorority, Incorporated was established on March 10, 1990. A group of Latina women from a variety of backgrounds came together to form an organization that would unite and support women on university campuses. Alpha Pi Sigma has grown into a multicultural, well respected organization both on and off campus. The sisterhood of Alpha Pi Sigma stretches nation wide through 14 collegiate campuses and more than 1,000 members. In addition to its purpose of helping the Latino community, Alpha Pi Sigma works continuously with other organizations to improve community and educational values throughout it's chapters. Sisters strive academically, personally and professionally in a commitment to excellence and with a desire to support one another. Alphas are scholars, leaders, contributors and lifetime members of an infinite sisterhood who hold their values close to heart


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Alpha Pi Sigma's ambitious members are living by their values and serving communities nation wide. With more that 1,000 members and 18 Chapters nation wide, we are continuing our growth for collegiate women. Take a look at our list of Chapters to see if Alphas are at your University



Being founded in San Diego, California, Alpha Pi Sigma National Board Members live and work nation wide. This has allowed members to travel to a variety of chapters throughout the United States

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National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations

Alpha Pi Sigma Sorority, Inc. is a member of The National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations, Inc. NALFO is an “umbrella” coalition established in 1998 to promote and foster positive interfraternal relations, communication, and development of all Latino fraternal organizations through mutual respect, leadership, honesty, professionalism and education. Today, NALFO’s 16 fraternities and sororities are bound by a shared commitment to fraternal unity, family values and empowering Latino and under-served communities. NALFO exists to unite and empower its member organizations through advocacy, and organizational development while fostering positive fraternal relationships and collaborating on issues impacting the Latino Greek community.

Membership Benefits

Founded as a Latina based organization, Alpha Pi Sigma continues to focus on giving back to th​e Latino Community by joining with NALFO. NALFO allows the organization to focus on more programming towards Latino-interest activities, making a greater impact on the Latino community, promoting Latino Greek awareness and providing a voice to university administration on behalf of it's organizations. Leadership opportunities within NALFO also allow members to network nation wide and build their professionalism. Find out more about NALFO and the benefits of its members 

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